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Buying the books

Ivan’s other books are found on their separate pages at My Books

I am often asked where someone might read or obtain one of my books (though not all of them are still in print). Here are a few suggestions: start with your local library, and request them to order a copy if they don’t have one!

Amazon carries Living Beyond internationally in paperback and hardback formats – and a Kindle plus an ebook format should be out soon – as of December 2015. Your local bookshop may carry or order my newer books – especially in Australia. Click the Harper Collins icon below to order Eyre – The Forgotten Explorer through some of their selected booksellers. Boolarong Press would be the best place for direct ordering of the next four titles listed above under My Books.

Use these links, or all bookshops and libraries can order these books via their online databases.

Where to buy Living Beyond

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