“Please write me a book, Dad,” my younger daughter, Tamlyn, asked.

“What sort of book?”

“Oh, one for children. What they do. Adventures.”

Realising she was impatient with her dad spending hours writing for others, I began to plan a children’s book. It fell into place quickly. My own four children could be the main characters, because I already knew them well and could guess how they would react in certain situations. The plot would incorporate an enduring mystery involving the Darling Downs, where we lived. During the Second World War some aeroplanes were buried locally, hidden in case of an invasion by Japanese. By the end of the war, the documentation had been lost and no-one knew where they were.

Perhaps people lived in caverns below our feet? In my imagination, I filled them with marsupial people and strange animals.

The gist of the plot would be the ancient battle between good and evil.

How did it work out? The local newspaper described the book as a “fantasy roller coaster”.

But did Tamlyn like it at the end of the day? She only gave it a hesitant thumbs up, so I have been grateful when others have said they enjoyed it, one lass even saying it was her favourite book and that she had read it many times.

I have a few copies of this title that I can mail (worldwide for A$30, Australiawide for $20). Just send me a cheque or money order. I’d be happy to inscribe the book with any message you may choose -you may wish to use it as a gift.