The Gifting

the gifting

The Gifting

It was a relief to write a novel after the years of research it takes to prepare a historical book – where every detail must be checked using all resources that exist. But there was more than my personal enjoyment involved, I believed that the lessons we had learnt when combating terrorism in Africa needed to be taken note of. International terrorism threatens us all. Any lessons gleaned from modern history need to be applied to overcome it.

I like what Stuart Robertson, then an ABC announcer, had to say about this book – “An exciting and absorbing story that took me back to my own early years in tropical and troubled parts of the world whilst offering much to think about; particularly in light of recent international events. We live in a world where interest in history and social studies has waned. Ivan Rudolph’s The Gifting reinforces the fact that if we continue to ignore the lessons of the past, the future for our children and grandchildren will be bleak indeed.”

But, hey, the main purpose of the novel was to entertain, and readers have told me they enjoyed it for that reason – “a good read” has been the most common comment. On WIN TV they went a little further, “Ivan Rudolph has created a high energy, tightly woven thriller that never loosens its grip.”

I offered a case of wine to the first critic I asked to read it, providing he could guess the ending. He told me he couldn’t claim the reward, as the ending had taken him completely by surprise.

I have a few copies of this title that I can mail (worldwide for A$30, Australiawide for $20). Just send me a cheque or money order. I’d be happy to inscribe the book with any message you may choose -you may wish to use it as a gift.