About Me


About Me

I was born in Rhodesia [now Zimbabwe] Africa in 1946. I studied Chemistry, Physics and Geology at The University of London [external] and later completed a post graduate degree in Education [UNISA]. I was an avid player of cricket, squash and some rugby and still follow these sports with enthusiasm. I married my university sweetheart Brenda in 1968, Ours has been a very happy relationship and we have had four children, Terry, Natasha, Tamlyn and Jason. Our family emigrated to Australia in 1985 where I taught high school Chemistry and Physics at Toowoomba Grammar School.

I have always enjoyed writing, including magazine articles, however my passion is authoring books. Each biography takes between 6-7 years of research before it is published.

One book “You Don’t Belong Here” [.] was made into a TV movie in South Africa where it received positive public response. There are plan afoot to produce a film from my book John Flynn.

ivans-childrenI currently live on the Sunshine Coast of Australia and am enjoying our growing family, with son-in-law David and daughter-in-law Angela, not to mention five of the world’s cutest grandkids, Caleb, Jesse, Lydia, Abigail and Xavier – and watch this space!