George Hall – Biography


George Hall

George Hall, who had been Governor Gawler’s private secretary, married Eyre’s friend Julia Gawler in 1841. Hall and Eyre remained friends over the years and we find Eyre enquiring after him and Julia in letters he wrote to Gawler.

Hall became Governor of the juvenile prison at Parkhurst on the Isle of Wight and tried hard to introduce beneficial reforms that were years in advance of any other prison. His reforms were aimed primarily at restoring the young offenders to society rather than preparing them more completely for a life of crime, as other prisons did by default. He emphasised the need for training in trades, such as building and carpentry, and these skills became avenues of escape from a life of crime for some juveniles. As must always be the case where free choice is involved, he was successful with some and failed with others. Julia supported her husband in every way she could.